Empowering communities through education

We are a non-profit organization led by young people, with a goal of making a significant difference in the community through education. Our mission is to create meaningful impact and empower individuals through education.


operates in two different states - NSW and Victoria - to expand its reach and create a greater impact.


dedicated to empowering two different sectors through education, creating positive change and improving outcomes for all involved


implemented 10 different initiatives, making a significant impact in the community through education

what makes us different

The values we live by


Our priority is the physical and mental wellness of every individual, and we are motivated by the goal of utilizing our expertise, abilities, and assets to assist those who require support.


We are innovative thinkers who embrace taking bold steps to transform our ideas into meaningful action towards progress. We fearlessly lead the way with our vision for change


We collaborate effectively in groups within a dynamic and inclusive setting, all working towards a shared objective of achieving a greater good. Our team-oriented approach encourages productivity and synergy.


We set extremely high expectations for ourselves and prove our commitment to creating a fairer and healthier world through our actions. We are dedicated to making a positive impact and holding ourselves accountable for achieving our goals.

Going the extra mile

At Teaching for Impact, we believe that education is a powerful tool for empowering communities and creating lasting change. That's why we go the extra mile in everything we do, from designing innovative curricula to providing students with the support and resources they need to make a real impact


At Teaching for Impact, we believe that collaboration is key to achieving our mission of empowering communities through education. We work closely with educators, volunteers, and community members to design and implement innovative programs that create lasting change

what we do

Featured Causes

VCE Program

Our VCE program is taught by exceptional high school graduates who volunteer their time and expertise on a pay-what-you-can model, and profits are donated to a specific cause advancing an SDG. No exorbitant fees charged.

Medicine Program

Exceptional pre-medical and medical graduates teach our Medicine Program on a pay-what-you-can model. Profits go to a designated cause advancing an SDG.

teaching for impact

JMO Companion App

The JMO Companion App is a free web application created to help junior doctors respond to common inpatient scenarios with confidence and efficiency. It is written specifically for JMOs and takes a concise and practical approach to provide assistance