VCE Program (RESET)

RESET is Teaching for Impact’s VCE Program reinvented. Rather than VCE subject specific initiatives, RESET aims to provide non-academic support to students ranging from middle school through to university. RESET focuses on providing fun and informative videos about all things student life, including careers, university, general school advice and healthy living for students.

As students ourselves, we understand the stress and pressure that comes with high school and the transition to university. Through these experiences, we have learnt many things along the way – we have had our lightbulb moments. Therefore, to share these lightbulb moments, we aim to build a safe and encouraging community of students that can help build each other up as we all make our way through life together!

We are currently working on initiatives focused on career advice, study tips and popular university degrees. Stay tuned for our upcoming videos! 

Important Terms and conditions

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