From Middle School to University: RESET Helps Students Navigate Life's Challenges with Confidence

RESET is a new take on Teaching for Impact’s VCE Program. Instead of focusing solely on VCE subjects, RESET offers a range of non-academic resources to support students at all levels, from middle school to university. Through engaging and informative videos, RESET provides practical guidance on everything related to student life, from career exploration and university admissions to general school tips and healthy living habits.

Support system, reinvented.

provides entertaining and informative videos on topics such as careers, university, general school advice, and healthy living for students

Empowering Student Success

build a supportive community of students who can help each other navigate through the challenges of high school and university

Future Looking

currently working on initiatives that focus on career advice, study tips, and popular university degrees. Upcoming videos will cover these topics, so students can stay tuned for more helpful content

meet the team

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Jo Yee Lau
Director of RESET
Ruth Liu
Director of RESET