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VCE Program

VCE is an important milestone for students across Victoria. It represents the culmination of 13 years of schooling and the key to opening the door to one’s dream career. Our VCE program is designed to support high school students across Victoria in realising their full potential, especially those who, for reasons that are largely outside of their control, are finding it difficult to achieve their personal goals.

Unlike many traditional VCE programs, which charge exorbitant fees that serve only to widen the gap of disadvantage, our VCE program, delivered by extraordinary high school graduates out of their own generosity of spirit, operates on a pay-what-you-can model, with all profits going to a designated cause committed to advancing a specific SDG at the end of the year

VCE lecture series at your disposal, at no cost.


Biology Lecture Series

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Physics Lecture Series

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Mathematical methods

Mathematical Lecture Series

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English Lecture Series

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A Passionate leader and a mentor

Jo Yee is currently undertaking her final year of the Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne and is the co-director of RESET. With a strong passion for leadership and mentoring, Jo Yee aims to create a community that arms students with the tools they need to confidently succeed and achieve their dreams without worrying about who they are or what their background is. While she spends most of her days holed up at home in her pjs, Jo Yee is an avid foodie and is always on the hunt for the next best food place!

Jo Yee Lau

Director of the VCE Program and Co Director of RESET

An Educator and a mentor

Ruth is a Monash medical student and the co-director of RESET. She went to high school in Melbourne and completed VCE in 2017. Ever since high school, Ruth has always been passionate about education and mentoring. Her hobbies include baking and eating and she can’t live without peanut butter. Her go-to coffee order is a matcha latte. 

Ruth Liu

Co-Director of RESET